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between adjacent fascicles.
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Between fasciculi.
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Interfascicular autologous nerve grafts in the microsurgical repair of peripheral nerves.
Water may also be held in the space between myofibrils, in the intracellular space and in the interfascicular space.
El cambium propiamente dicho tiene doble origen, deriva en parte del procambium y en parte por desdiferenciacion del parenquima de los radios medulares en el tallo (cambium interfascicular) y del periciclo en la raiz (pericambium).
Lymphatic capillaries can be found within interfascicular connective tissue surrounding muscle bundles and accompanying blood vessels.
This perivascular and interfascicular matrix appeared to be a relatively minor component in most fibroids except for those tumors assigned to the Phase 1 category in which fibrous matrix was otherwise minimal.
Simesen, "Median and ulnar nerve transections treated with microsurgical interfascicular cable grafting with autogenous sural nerve," Journal of Neurosurgery, vol.
The interfascicular connective tissue is infiltrated by mature fat cells (6).
The sural communicating and LSC nerve fascicles could be traced proximally through varying portions of the distal sciatic in all three specimens, being lost to interfascicular plexusing in specimen 1L after 1.5 cm, 2L after 2.0 cm, and 2R after 2.5 cm.
Numerous cells with a more prominent nucleus and nucleoli and that stained more intensely with safranin were observed in the zone of the cambium, phloem and the interfascicular parenchyma (Fig.
This cambium is called the fascicular cambium, and it joins with additional meristem, which begin to develop in the adjacent ground tissue and is called interfascicular cambium.

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