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(in″tĕr-os′ē-ŭs) [ inter- + osseous],


Situated or occurring between bones, as muscles, ligaments, or vessels; specific muscles of the hands and feet.


(in″tră-op′(ĕ-)răt″ĭv) [ intra- + operative],


Occurring during surgery.
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Entity A's accounting for the loan sale with servicing and interest-only strip receivable retained are calculated as follows.
The transferor receives all excess fees, i.e., the rights to an interest-only strip (hereafter, the I/O strip), valued at $9,000.
Elsewhere, the HC-S instructions note that the field for credit-enhancing, interest-only strips can include excess spread accounts.
Interest-only strips, loans or other receivables, or retained interest in securities that can conceptually be prepaid or otherwise settled in such a way that the holder would not recover substantially all of its recorded investment, should be subsequently measured like investments in debt securities classified as available-for-sale or trading securities under FASB 115.
Some of these REITs also are investors in interest-only strips, which plummet in value in high prepayment situations.
These losses followed earlier reports of public investors who failed to follow diversification practices and invested the majority of their portfolios in risky instruments, such as principal-only or interest-only strips.
The guidance addresses the risk-based capital treatment for (1) split or partially rated instruments, (2) nonqualification of corporate bonds or other securities for the ratings-based approach, (3) spread accounts that function as credit-enhancing interest-only strips, (4) audits of internal credit risk rating systems, and (5) cleanup calls.