interproximal brush

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in·ter·prox·i·mal brush

(intĕr-proksi-măl brŭsh)
Thin tapered brush used to clean interproximal areas between teeth.
Synonym(s): interdental brush.
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Brushing your teeth properly with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, using floss or an interdental brush at least once a day and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol excessively.
The DenTek 3-in-l is a unique interdental cleaner that contains a floss pick, interdental brush and pick, all in one device."
However, only 10% used interdental brush and 30% used no aid.
I don't scrape my tongue, I don't rinse with mouthwash and I don't use an interdental brush or Waterpik.
The website sells DenTek's full line of products, including floss picks, interdental brush cleaners, dental guards for nighttime teeth grinding, dental picks/ scalers, oral pain relief and children's oral care.
Cortland, NY, May 09, 2014 --( OraBrite is excited to announce the launch of their new interdental brush system, Proxy-Brite[R].
Proxi-Plus features an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle interdental brush on one end and a high-quality flosser on the other.
By age group, the elder respondents tend to use an electric toothbrush or interdental brush while the young people prefer xylitol gum.
If you have large spaces between your teeth, an interdental brush may also be helpful.
The interdental brush cleans along the gum line to prevent plaque buildup which leads to gingivitis.
* For cleaning fixed bridges, you'll need a floss threader (or special floss made with a stiff threader section) to get the floss between the bottom of the bridge and your gums, as well as perhaps an interdental brush.