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The worse the social conditions, the higher the number of intercurrences and psychiatric hospitalizations reported, challenging public policies to show the best way to intervene with these adolescents, observing their particularities and overcoming the limited availability of resources (30).
Intercurrences do not only affect the patient, but also his or her family and caregivers.
(...) It's been increasing the percentage of pregnant women without prenatal care monitoring in other health care units, resulting in direct emergency department visits (...), many times with more complex intercurrences, overloading the hospital unit with more complicated outcomes for the parturients and their newborn children.
The surgical procedures were considered according to the planning and without intercurrences.
The neonatal variables were: birth weight, gestational age, adequacy for gestational age (14), gender, use of mask ventilation in the delivery room, intubation in the delivery room, need for cardiac massage, SNAPPE-II (15), first- and fifth-minute Apgar score, and other intercurrences observed during hospitalization such as apnea, pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage, pneumothorax, atelectasis, the need for mechanical ventilation, surfactant and oxygen, and death.
Additionally, conjunctival histopathology was performed in order to investigate occasional intercurrences related to its safety and adverse effects.
Such intercurrences are situations which demand urgent care of greater complexity, lead to hospitalizations, high costs to public funds and distress to the individual and his/her family (7-10), in addition to being the main causes of mortality in the world (11).
Breastfeeding is mostly focused on the infant's needs only, disregarding that it is crucial to care, train and prepare the nursing mother for the establishment of a breastfeeding practice without intercurrences [12,21].
The dentist who performed the implant installation, without major intercurrences, confirmed the upper lip paresthesia reported by the patient and hypothesized two possibilities: any nerve structure lesion during surgical anesthesia and/or a psychogenic disorder.

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