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The process of insertion between two other entities, for example, insertion of a dye or drug between stacked bases in DNA.
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Keywords: Hellenism; time reckoning; intercalary months; Gandhara; epigraphy; Arsacid calendar; Macedonian calendar; eras of Azes, Kaniska, Yavana.
The intercalary months, if they (wise men) consider well, the two
The calendars were periodically adjusted to keep the lunar months and the solar or natural year in some sort of alignment by adding "extra" or intercalary months. As long as this process was locally initiated and controlled, this too, would contribute to the formation of divergent regional traditions of festival observance.
New Year's dates are again plotted as a function of time in figure 2A; connecting lines pointing upwards represent years with an intercalary month. There are three series of unusually frequent intercalations (bold lines) marked (1), (2), and (3).