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(bot) the larva of botflies, which may be parasitic in the stomach of animals and sometimes humans.




1. The parasitic larva of a botfly.
2. bots(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A disease of mammals, especially cattle and horses, caused by infestation of the stomach or intestines with botfly larvae.


A computer term variously defined as
(1) Software code which performs a task over a computer network;
(2) A graphical synthetic agent that colonises and interacts in a virtual world;
(3) A computer program which automatically looks for information on the Internet.


An informal term for a mild illness in humans.

Patient discussion about bot

Q. I get the most from her company than from the bottle. My wife is 2 months pregnant. I love to drink only if she gives company. I get the most from her company than from the bottle. Is it okay to drink when pregnant?

A. If you love your wife, you ought not drink in front of her. She shouldn't be drinking either, for the health of the baby. After all, what the mother consumes, the baby does too. I don't think there is a magic filter protecting the baby other than what the mother does. I wish you both well.

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In Pakistan it can be the first field where intelligent agent can be used avoiding the social barriers like legal and ethical problems.
According to their capability and versatility agents ranging from the generic autonomous agents, software agents, intelligent agents, interface agents, virtual agents, information agents and mobile agents (Luck and d'Inyerno, 2001).
Intelligent agents are often described schematically as an abstract functional system similar to a computer program.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Washington Post, has developed their own intelligent agent service that will be incorporated into the paper's online service and will premier on AT&T'S Interchange in the first half of this year.
A final question might be, "Are Intelligent Agents a realistic expectation, or just a laboratory daydream?
Intelligent agents increasingly incorporate that kind of technology.
Papers detail research related to the broad themes of image processing, knowledge discovery and decision making, intelligent systems for modelling and prediction, web services, intelligent agents and ontologies, encryption, information management, robotics, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation, neural netowrk systems, and fuzzy systems--to name just a sampling of the topics addressed.
Special Operations Forces PEO-STRI, a human Forward Air Controller trainee will be able to task and communicate with Soar Technology's TacAir-Soar intelligent agents through the same combination of software, i.
V)Host(TM) Technology Makes Intelligent Agents More Realistic and
David is a recognized expert in artificial intelligence, intelligent agents and Web technologies and services and has received a patent in the area of data communications and conversion.

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