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Although mental or intellectual impairment has the lowest percentages, both nationwide (1.4%) and in the MAM (1.3%), it is a disability that is in a different situation from the others, as studies show a greater stigma surrounding it, "[...] taking from them [individuals with these types of disability] their right to an autonomous and fulfilling adult life [...]" (Dias, 2013, p.
Women with physical or intellectual impairments are at higher risk of abuse (19,30,33-36) and women with a history of sexual abuse may find a Pap smear threatening.
Under the updated guidelines, the authors relaxed the criteria so that children can be diagnosed if they have domains of either intellectual impairment or behavioral changes that are 1.5 standard deviations below the age-adjusted mean, rather than the previous 2 standard deviations.
Children with microcephaly face lifelong difficulties, including intellectual impairment.
His lawyers said a medical expert believed Ali's "signifi-cant intellectual impairment" made him more likely to make things up and that he was a "habitual liar".
Abdul Ghaffar Biloo said iodine deficiency causes increased child mortality, mental retardation, deaf and dumbness, stunting, intellectual impairment (low IQ levels), hypothyroidism, cretinism, goiter, maternal mortality and morbidity.
Should one who drinks half a bottle of vodka and eight cans of strong lager a day, despite being repeatedly warned her baby could be born with facial abnormalities, intellectual impairment and stunted growth?
Dr Sylvane Desrivieres said that they wanted to find out how structural differences in the brain relate to differences in intellectual ability and added that the genetic variation identified, is linked to synaptic plasticity and may help explain biological mechanisms behind some forms of intellectual impairment.
Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) is a major global cause of preventable hearing impairment, blindness, and intellectual impairment [1].
"Mercury is one of the top 10 chemicals of major public health concern and is a substance which disperses into and remains in ecosystems for generations, causing severe ill health and intellectual impairment to exposed populations."
In this work, learning disabilities are defined to encompass intellectual impairment and cognitive disabilities, physical and sensory impairments, and differences associated with the autistic spectrum.
The UPDRS measures many aspects of daily life, from intellectual impairment and speech to walking and performing basic household chores.

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