Intellectual Infrastructure

The human component—knowledge, skills and abilities—required for businesses and organisations to function effectively
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But I knew it would develop very fast because an intellectual infrastructure was already in place.
'How can the state ignore the fact that 10 million people lack the physical and intellectual infrastructure they need,' he asked.
However, Wales is highly thought of and is already a centre of excellence for aerospace manufacturing, possessing the physical and intellectual infrastructure to support the growing space market.
Building counter narrative requires intellectual infrastructure based on academic freedom, tolerance for dissent, plurality and critical thinking and asked young journalists to help create through writings this new intellectual infrastructure without fear or favour, he said.
Becoming a GCC BDI Corporate Affiliate not only proves its commitment to these principles, but also demonstrates its commitment to implementing and further developing the intellectual infrastructure which forms the backbone of the regional economy.
She lists the structure and stellar cast (names include Luther's Lucian Msamati and The Missing's Lia Williams) as big ticks, continuing: "It fills me with such joy when I hear writing of that calibre, because what keeps this piece so buoyant is the intellectual infrastructure of it.
It calls for building an intellectual infrastructure resting on the foundations of free inquiry, free debate not only in academic institutions but as a way of life'.
He also said that Pakistani media lacks intellectual infrastructure. A national debate on media seems impossible due to illiteracy and the deficiency of intellectual resources in the society.
In 2005, a PowerPoint deck devised by a former Clinton administration official, Rob Stein, made the Powell Memo familiar to dozens of liberal donors, who saw in the story of the right an argument for building similar intellectual infrastructure on the center left, inspiring the creation of the Democracy Alliance, an important funder of liberal organizations.
It is the prime responsibility of the government to facilitate and offer feasible environment to SME sectors by means of developing intellectual infrastructure i.e.
"Competing in aviation requires not only physical infrastructure but also intellectual infrastructure to entirely redefine global travel."
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