Intellectual Infrastructure

The human component—knowledge, skills and abilities—required for businesses and organisations to function effectively
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Building counter narrative required intellectual infrastructure based on academic freedom, tolerance for dissent, plurality and critical thinking.
ISLAMABAD -- Senator Farhatullah Babar on Monday said building counter-narrative requires intellectual infrastructure based on academic freedom, tolerance for dissent, plurality and critical thinking.
She lists the structure and stellar cast (names include Luther's Lucian Msamati and The Missing's Lia Williams) as big ticks, continuing: "It fills me with such joy when I hear writing of that calibre, because what keeps this piece so buoyant is the intellectual infrastructure of it.
It calls for building an intellectual infrastructure resting on the foundations of free inquiry, free debate not only in academic institutions but as a way of life'.
He pointed out that the Career Planning and Placement Bureau has been expanded upon to be the Centre for Guidance/Counseling and C a r e e r Planning/Placement for the students' counseling and orientation The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been developed to strengthen the university's intellectual infrastructure for effective Faculty Development Programs (FDP) through vigorous trainings and workshops.
Not only will our region boast state-of-the art sporting and event facilities, through MinterEllison it will also boast first-class intellectual infrastructure to support the delivery of future major event projects.
Competing in aviation requires not only physical infrastructure but also intellectual infrastructure to entirely redefine global travel.
But if they want the world to listen to them, they need to invest in intellectual infrastructure like the media, universities and think tanks.
The long-term objective, said Mathias, is to create the technical and intellectual infrastructure to carry out a larger project to analyze DNA and circulating fatty acids in major population centers in India.
In fact, "If you combine the fact that Colorado already has probably more than 300 cleantech companies with its being home to NREL, the largest national lab devoted to renewable energy research and development, and with the intellectual infrastructure of the University of Colorado, CSU, the Colorado School of Mines focused on cleantech research and development--I consider Colorado to be one of the epicenters of cleantech.
The old adage "If you build it, they will come" should read "If you build it, they may come" and only if supported by a strong physical, social and intellectual infrastructure.
Launched in October 2008, twofour54 is putting the physical and intellectual infrastructure in place to create an ecosystem where businesses including broadcast, digital media, gaming, publishing, music and film can create world-class Arabic content in a creative environment.
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