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vinpocetine (vin·pōˑ·s·tēn),

n a chemical derived from an alkaloid present in the leaves of the periwinkle plant (
Vinca minor). Has been used as a neuroprotector to increase blood flow to the brain and to treat dementia and ischemic stroke. No known precautions, but caution is advised for patients who are taking warfarin. Also called
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Memory Secret[R], specialised in nutraceuticals, is preparing the launch of Intelectol Sport(TM), intended to become a new leading product at the winter Olympics in Sochi 2014.
Intelectol Sport(TM) is a new dietary supplement (nutraceutical) protected by patents and trademarks all over the world, developed by a multinational scientific team, based on the necessities of the athletes and for the athletes, based on three natural extracts and a triple main action: