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a device to pick up sound for purposes of amplification or transmission.
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An instrument for converting sounds to electrical signals.
[micro- + G. phōnē, sound]
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It features the VBrick WM appliance, a video camera with integrated microphone, tripod, and VBPresenter, a plug-in that initiates aLL multimedia presentation capabilities using PowerPoint.
To initiate the dialogue, users speak into an integrated microphone; the software then recognizes and translates the speech and vocalizes the translation in the target language.
Users who purchase the US $1634 laptop will also receive a free red laptop bag, which includes an HP ceramic mouse and special edition headphones, featuring an integrated microphone. The laptop is currently in stores.
ViaVideo also features an integrated microphone and Polycom's state-of-the-art, full-duplex Acoustic Clarity Technology(TM) (ACT), giving the video calls clear voice quality with echo cancellation.
Other features include an integrated microphone and the use of Polycom's acoustic clarity technology to give video calls high voice quality with echo cancellation.
The camera also includes an integrated microphone for digital audio recording.
It is a compact unit with a high-quality color camera and integrated microphone. The MatchView 235 includes Pan/ Tilt/Zoom(PTZ) camera functionality and is upgradable to three ISDN lines for 384 kbps.
It is an over-the-ear headphone that comes with an integrated microphone. The headphone offers up to 19 hours of battery life.
The bud's integrated microphone also proves handy when on the go, with the sound quality remaining high during phone calls.
The neckband headset offers wireless sound, NFC for simple one-touch pairing, an integrated microphone, and a 22-hour battery life that can be combined with the mobile devices.

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