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To prevent the passage of electric or radiant energy by the interposition of a nonconducting substance.
[L. insulatus, made like an island]
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2 technical room entrance doors made of thermally insulating aluminum profiles and heat insulating
However, with the right measures put in place, householders could be making their home as warm and comfortable as possible and reduce fuel bills by insulating their homes from the cold.
Insulating homes with solid exterior walls, which are usually made of brick or stone, is less straightforward, but the savings are bigger.
These include a new product called Isothane, an expanding material which effectively fills walls previously unsuitable, through to modern external insulation which involves not only insulating a house, but also improving the external appearance.
Bearing in mind the difference in cost of exothermic sleeves (which are more expensive) versus insulating sleeves, how can steel casters determine the most economical practice?
Insulating glass (two panes sealed together) with a solar heat-reflective coating is appropriate for buildings concerned with staying warm in winter, cool in summer.
Do insulating paints actually insulate and save energy?
Doors and windows are among the most popular ENERGY STAR building products recommended for replacement because homeowners are well aware of their insulating value, home energy savings potential and return on investment.
ENERGY RESOURCE-10 April 2008-Joint Venture: Southwall Insulating Glass Formed to Meet Growing Demand for Energy Efficiency(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.
The first-floor, foundation, and basement walls were poured with EPS insulating concrete forms (ICFs).
The EcoSmart cup is a triple-wall paper cup that employs a built-in layer of insulating recycled paper to keep coffee hot and protect the drinker's hands.