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Etymology: L, instituere, to put in place
to place a person in an institution for psychological or physical treatment or for the protection of the person or society. institutionalization, n., institutionalized, adj.


v to place a person in a health care or custodial facility for psychologic or physical treatment or for the protection of the person or society.
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The conference will focus on themes as the rationale and theoretical foundations of parliamentary groups, the organisation and internal functioning method of parliamentary groups, rights and powers of these groups, parliamentary groups as tools of political diversity's institutionalisation, means allocated to parliamentary groups and the challenges related to parliamentary groups' reinforcement.
K Rowling also launched in the US in 2015, said: "The Haitian Government has demonstrated strong political will to address institutionalisation and a number of international donor agencies working in Haiti, including the EU, the US Government and the World Bank, are prioritising programmes that strengthen communities to ensure children can be raised in their families.
Minister of Health Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic recalled that the Law on the Protection of Persons with Mental Illnesses has been adopted, which provides the legal basis to approach the process of institutionalisation and orientation as the principle of treatment in the community.

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