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intramuscular; see under injection.
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Abbreviation for internal medicine; intramuscular.
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Intramuscular, also
1. Index Medicus .
2. Infant mortality.
3. Infectious mononucleosis.
4. Intermetatarsal.
5. Internal medicine.
6. Intramedullary.
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Abbreviation for internal medicine;
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Abbreviation for internal medicine; intramuscular.
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Patient discussion about IM

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A. if u don't ask you will never know,have faith!


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The two confederates, who were located in a different place within the experimental suite, began to send instant messages to the participant simultaneously while the participant was reading either the low difficulty passage or the high difficulty passage.
(1999) 'Chatting on-line: Uses of instant message communication among adolescent girls.' Presented 3 December 1999 at the National Reading Conference in Orlando, Florida.
The Bush Administration has been rebuked by federal courts for the apparent destruction of emails sent by political aides on non-governmental accounts, and Obama's aides are intensely aware that any instant messages written must be preserved, and will become part of the permanent record, which may not be desirable.
While instant messages and e-mail may helpfully supplement face-to-face discussion, experts warn that it should not be relied on as the principal means of communication.
While the consultancy firm forecasts that instant messages will continue to be the most popular form of mobile communication - with more IMs expected to be sent than SMS, emails or phone calls until 2018, SMS will remain more valuable to operators for the foreseeable future.
In 2012, 11 instant messages were sent for every 10 texts.
In order to meet the varying needs of subscribers, he said, Etisalat Messenger comes in two packages: the first one (Chat Plus Package) provides unlimited use for a flat rate AED 25 per month; the other package (chat Package) allows users to send and receive unlimited instant messages for a fixed period of 15 minutes, at a cost of AED 2 per session.
IBM employees send an average of 6 million internal instant messages on a daily basis.
In stark contrast to their poor peers, wealthier middle school and high school students spend much of their time on the Internet trading instant messages with friends, an activity with tremendous allure for young people trying to fit into peer groups, says psychologist Robert Kraut of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
Google Talk is a downloadable application which allows Gmail users to talk or send instant messages to their friends for free.
In a recent survey of IT managers, sponsored by Symantec, 86.9% reported they spend at least five hours a week--or 32.5 workdays a year--combating unwanted e-mail and instant messages. The majority of IT managers surveyed consider spam and spim (spam for instant messages) an entry point for other Internet threats.

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