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In other offerings, there is one system for inside plant, a separate environment for outside plant, and yet another for engineering analysis.
Bentley Coax works with Bentley Fiber and Bentley Inside Plant to create an end-to-end network model, allowing an HFC network to be analyzed at any level and ensuring accurate network documentation.
Bentley Inside Plant is an engineering solution for designing and documenting the inside plant for communications networks found in headends, points of presence, central offices, and other sites.
By harvest, the yield on the outside plants was less than half the yield from the inside plants.
The inside plants for Viognier were harvested the second week in September, and the Cabernet/Petit Verdot was picked the last week in September.
During the growing season, five or six fungicide sprays were applied to the inside plants.
Deering and Robert Pruitt, a professor of botany and plant pathology, said finding pathogens inside plants has been challenging because tests require slicing off pieces of the plants, which can move the bacteria from the outside to the inside or vice versa.
Eelworms are tiny, threadlike roundworms that live as parasites inside plants, sometimes causing huge losses to farmers.
In figuring this out, Liston says, he had the advantage of his colleague Jeffrey Stone, who was "one of the few people who knew and eared about fungal endophytes" These fungi grow intermingled with cells inside plants but don't cause any apparent disease.
Arnold says that she was first jolted into an appreciation of the variety of fungi inside plants when she worked as a research assistant in Panama.
22, 2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Bird and his colleagues reported evidence backing up a new theory: Root-knot nematodes sweet-talk their way inside plants by pretending to be friendly bacteria called rhizobia.