insertion sequence

(redirected from Insertion sequence element)

in·ser·tion se·quence

discrete DNA sequences of nucleotides that are repeated at various sites on bacterial chromosomes, certain plasmids, and bacteriophages and that can move from one site to another on the chromosome, to another plasmid in the same bacterium, or to a bacteriophage.

insertion sequence (IS)

a type of TRANSPOSABLE GENETIC ELEMENT that codes for its own transposition but which apparently carries no other genetic information. Generally it is several hundred base pairs in length. It is capable of causing MUTATION when it inserts into a GENE. Insertion sequences may exist as independent entities or may form the terminal parts of certain TRANSPOSONS.
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The main difference between the 2 prophages was an insertion sequence element, a common source of prophage variation (Figure 2).
This 1,355-bp insertion sequence element is related to the IS3 family of ISs and has been found exclusively in all isolates of the M.
Analysis by mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable number tandem repeats (15) identified 2 strain variants in our sample set (Table 2); IS6110 DNA fingerprint analysis (12) of isolate MK172 showed it to contain 21 copies of the IS6110 insertion sequence element (Figure 1).