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Sometimes, the insect protein is even better, he says.
The idea can be great, but the result for adoption will depend on many factors that are not always directly related to, for instance, a new technology for extracting insect proteins.
The insect protein encoded by Indy resembles several proteins in mammals that enable intestinal and kidney cells to take in metabolites, such as citrate, to produce energy.
This is why they entrap small insects in the globules formed at the end of the hairs -- which contain formic and benzoic acid that make up the digestive pepsin enzymes which break down the easily assimilated insect proteins.
Insect proteins such as cricket flour and ground mealworms are emerging ingredients.
The various classes of insect proteins include transport proteins, such as lipophorins in the hemolymph; regulatory proteins, including hormones of insects; defense proteins; and structural proteins, a variety of which are found in the cuticle (Neville 1975; Chapman 1998; Lenhninger et al.
The next step will be to use PIR technology to discover how the virion and the structural proteins interact with plant and insect proteins.
The quality of insect proteins is usually good too, compensating, Bukkens says, for what is lacking in largely vegetarian diets.