phytic acid

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phy·tic ac·id

(fī'tik as'id),
The hexakisphosphoric ester of myo-inositol; the mixed salt with magnesium and calcium is phytin.
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phytic acid

An antioxidant compound, C6H18O24P6, found abundantly in seeds and the bran of grain, that is the principal storage form of phosphorus in plants. Phytic acid is a strong chelator of calcium, zinc, and other minerals, and diets based on foods high in phytic acid, such as unrefined flour, can cause mineral deficiencies unless it is broken down by the sprouting of the seeds or by fermentation. Also called inositol hexakisphosphate.
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* Psyllium Husk: This is a fiber that is possibly high in the phytic acid IP6 or inositol hexaphosphate that chelates iron.
Vitamin & Mineral Products: Calcium amino acid chelate, magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate, selenomethionine, calcium citrate granular, manganese gluconate, calcium malate, riboflavin granular, D-calcium pantothenate, thiamin, methylcobalamin, inositol hexaphosphate, pyrodoxine, vitamin D3, vitamin K1, vitamin E succinate, D-biotin
Organic Phosphate: (i) Phytin, inositol hexaphosphates 940-50%); (ii) Nucleic acid and its nucleotides (0.6%).

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