labia minora

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labia minora

The two thin inner folds of skin within the vestibule of the vagina enclosed within the cleft of the labia majora; nymphae.
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labia minora

The smaller inner folds of the labia (the mucocutaneous tissue that comprise the outer portal of the vagina).
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la·bi·a mi·no·ra

(lā'bē-ă mi-nō'ră)
Plural of labium minus.
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Labia minora

Minor lips; narrow folds of tissue between the labia major, on either side of the urethral and vaginal openings.
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In humans, the labia can be divided into the inner labia minora and the outer labia majora.
I have well-developed inner labia that always show, and I was always envious of those women who seemed to have nice neat little pussies with everything tucked inside.
She sewed the outer labia and the inner labia. She sewed the clitoris and the urethra.
Using a scalpel, Green's surgeon trims along the edge of her inner labia, removing skin to create a lip that is almost flush "with the vulva's outer skin.
Procedure: Standard genital reshaping simply means reducing the size of the inner labia (the inner genital lips).