inner cell mass

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1. a lump or collection of cohering particles.
2. that characteristic of matter that gives it inertia. Symbol m.
atomic mass atomic weight; see also atomic mass unit.
inner cell mass an internal cluster of cells at the embryonic pole of the blastocyst which develops into the body of the embryo.
lean body mass that part of the body including all its components except neutral storage lipid; in essence, the fat-free mass of the body.
relative molecular mass technically preferable term for molecular weight.
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The mass of cells at the embryonic pole of the blastocyst that forms the embryo and some extraembryonic or adnexal tissues.
Synonym(s): inner cell mass
[embryo- + G. blastos, germ]
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The cells at the embryonic pole of the blastocyst concerned with formation of the embryo per se.
Synonym(s): inner cell mass.
[embryo- + G. blastos, germ]
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