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A device for administering injections.


A device for making injections.

jet injector

See: injection, jet

pressure injector

A device that delivers a substance to be injected, often controlled by a timing mechanism, at a specified pressure.
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The eight-employee firm is getting a jump on spring by scheduling field trials for the injector over the next two months with U.
As all ORiNOCO Active Ethernet devices, the power injector also offers a safety feature - called Automatic Load Sensing - that ensures that power is fed only to network equipment that can accept it, to prevent equipment damage and network downtime.
2011 company shares and distribution shares data for the overall Contrast Media Injectors market in each of the aforementioned countries.
MIT CANADA is a Canadian-based company specializing in the development, production, marketing and sale of needle-free injectors both for humans and animals, for individual and mass vaccinations.
Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial pen injector products in eleven major therapeutic segments
Unilife maintains the right to enter into supply agreements with other pharmaceutical companies for the use of its wearable injectors, so long as Sanofi's non-exclusive access is preserved.
Estimating the likely proportion of these molecules which will be available for subcutaneous delivery via bolus injectors for 15 disease classes.
patents for ARIS(R) 2000's single fluid, flow-cooled injector which removes the need for a separate air supply.
GlobalData's new report, "United Kingdom Contrast Media Injectors Market Outlook to 2020", provides key market data on the United Kingdom Contrast Media Injectors market.
User-friendly designs and the availability of an increasing number of drugs in pre-filled disposable cartridges and syringes are propelling the growth of injector pens at the expense of other drug delivery methods such as traditional syringes.
Following the Continental strategy of In the market for the market , the 7th generation of PFI injectors is manufactured in Newport News (USA), Pisa (Italy), and Changchun (China) to supply the respective world regions.