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Abbreviation formed from the initial letter of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., CPK).
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Table 1 The morphological matrices (after Tournier 1985) Morpho-semantic Construction : Prefixation Internal coinage affixation Suffixation matrices Compounding Backformation Juxtaposition Blends Phonic Onomatopeia motivation Semantic Class-transfer Conversion coinage (class shift) Metasemy Metaphor (meaning Metonymy shift) Morphological Signifier Aphaeresis coinage reduction Apocope Initialism Borrowing Morpho-semantic External borrowing matrix Semantic borrowing and calque Morphological borrowing
As the text is filled with initialisms, a useful six page list appears at the beginning of the book.
Exceptions to this pattern of word formation include blends, truncations, clippings, initialisms and acronyms, but these are all outside the scope of this study.
Tee and vee are sometimes used to indicate shapes (as in tee shirts with vee necks), and cee, dee, gee, jay, tee and vee are often seen in spelled-out initialisms (deejay, Humvee, Jaycee and so on).
Of all those loopy initialisms and facetious misspellings, OK alone survived.
The volume begins with a list of initialisms. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Useful information is provided upfront, with tables of cases and applicable legislation, along with a list of initialisms and a glossary.
What we have here is a classified listing of what is known in the trade as weasel words, circuitous circumlocutions, euphuistic euphemisms, acrimonious acronyms, wishy-washy initialisms, that sort of thing.'
It begins with a three page list of used initialisms. Distributed by Wiley.
Jeff Grant writes "I don't accept acronyms or initialisms in my palindrome collection.
A two page list of the used initialisms appears at the beginning of the book.