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Abbreviation formed from the initial letter of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., CPK).
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There are also SL technical compounds that are abbreviated as initialisms (i.
In fact, the examples under C are commonly produced as acronyms; notwithstanding, the examples under B--which could also be produced as acronyms due to the presence of potential vocalic nuclei--are mainly produced as initialisms.
6% of 474) contained abbreviations and in one case two abbreviations were found in a single name, hence 37 abbreviations were identified: 4 belong to OTC names, 3 might be read as acronyms, with the remaining being read as initialisms, and 8 present full correspondence in English instead of Portuguese.
A four page list of initialisms appears at the start of the book.
An extensive selection of specialised concepts and terms are introduced here (plus their accompanying initialisms, from SIS, SIL, and SIF to PFDavg, FMEDA, and FIT).
In addition, initialisms and abbreviations have been added to Oxford Dictionaries.
It is a familiar practice: initialisms and acronyms on name authority records are unqualified see-references to their authorized headings.
But the deputy's declaration underscored a common insecurity when introduced to a world of unfamiliar terminology peppered with acronyms, initialisms and insider abbreviations.
A brief list of initialisms appears at the end of the book, although one imagines that most specialized readers would not need it.
com launches new webpage showing the top 50 acronyms and initialisms that people are looking up every day.
The initialisms make the complexity only slightly more palatable.
In the first quarterly update of 2011, the OED included a number of new initialisms in its pages, to wit, LOL, BFF, IMHO, and OMG (that's laugh out loud, best friends forever, in my humble opinion, and oh my God), thus legitimizing the terms used by millions in texts, e-mails, and instant messages.