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inipi (ē·nēˑ·pē),

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The first is the Inipi or "sweat lodge" where a round structure is created out of bent saplings and is covered by hides or tarps to emulate the womb or the universe.
It involves the inipi or the sweat lodge; it involves being done during hanbleceya or the vision quest, the fasting on a hill.
To this day, we as Lakota people make annual prayer offerings, inipi ceremony (sweat lodge), hanbleciya (vision quest), and hold our sacred dance, wiwanyang wacipi (sun dance), at or near Bear Lodge.
2, the SensoWashA shower-toilet and Inipi B compact sauna, the St.
However, after a brief overview of the discourse on this phenomenon, I will provide two key features, namely, the cooption of Plains Indian ritual complexes such as the inipi (Lakota sweat ceremony), and Cannunpa Wakan (the Lakota Sacred Pipe), and the development of pan-tribal networks in education, politics, and activism, which include the modern "powwow.
Puedo consumir yaje al interior de un inipi, o practicar danzas sufis como preparacion a una toma de sanpedro porque a pesar de la diferencia de tradiciones, todas son <<fuerzas complementarias>> que revelan el mismo principio fundamental de <<unidad en la diversidad>>.
Actualmente se sabe de la practica de temaskales entre el pueblo Lakota del norte del continente en donde recibe por nombre Inipi (iniunkayaktelo) o rito de purificacion, se practica tambien entre los Navajo, Creek, Muskogee, Seminoles y Miccosukee.
I was very pleased to learn that inipi (purification or sweat) ceremonies were already underway, food was ready for people to eat, and people were beginning to gather at the Eci Nompa Woonspe (The Second Chance Learning Center) in Morton, Minnesota.
These traditional methods include the inipi, or purification ceremony (popularly called the "sweat lodge") (Hall, 1986), the hanbleceya, or pipe fast (often called the "vision quest"), and the wiwang wacipi, or Sun Dance.
Spiritual rituals recognize the presence of the sacred in sensuous material: bread and wine transubstantiated into the body and blood of Christ; grandfather rocks sacrificing themselves in the purifying fire of a Native American inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony.
This spring Duravit is launching four innovative products namely the Inipi B sauna, Architec urinals, Delos range of bathroom furniture and SensoWashC toilet seat.