ingrowing toenail

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in·grown nail

a toenail, one edge of which is overgrown by the nailfold, producing a pyogenic granuloma; due to faulty trimming of the toenails or pressure from a tight shoe.
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Chemical matricectomy with 10% Sodium Hydroxide for the treatment of ingrowing toenails.
I do think you should get that ingrowing toenail seen to, if I may be so bold.
Well, we got a text from Jack - a talented podiatrist - who informed the nation he'd once treated an ingrowing toenail belonging to Dr Harold Shipman.
That's why you had to be subjected to the ramblings of a mad man and his ingrowing toenail (two words chump), instead of your usual weekly slice of hilarity and well-thought out, carefully constructed prose.
Butcher said: 'It doesn't make a difference what sort of injury it is, it could be an ingrowing toenail, it is always frustrating to miss Test matches.
Alan Whitmoore, 66, of Tile Hill Lane, Tile Hill, Coventry, was treated for an ingrowing toenail at the hospital in 1955 when he was 17.
They include 38-year-old Liz White who caught MRSA while giving birth by caesarean, Vladimir Howard, 78, who was treated for an ingrowing toenail and ended up having a leg amputated and Alfred Flynn - one of the first to die from the disease almost 20 years ago.
But it was not all good news for Holland as midfield maestro Edgar Davids was forced into hospital for surgery on an ingrowing toenail.
A YOUNG karate champion is set to have her foot amputated after suffering a rare condition triggered by an ingrowing toenail.
Your ingrowing toenail may not really be an ingrowing toenail at all and could have been caused by shoes you threw away five years ago.