ingrown nail

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ingrown nail

aberrant growth of a toenail, with one or both lateral margins pushing deeply into adjacent soft tissue, causing pain, inflammation, and possible infection. The condition occurs most frequently in the great toe, and is often caused by pressure from tight-fitting shoes. Another common cause is improper cutting of the toenails, which should be cut straight across or with a curved toenail scissors so that the sides are a little longer than the middle.

in·grown nail

a toenail, one edge of which is overgrown by the nailfold, producing a pyogenic granuloma; due to faulty trimming of the toenails or pressure from a tight shoe.

in·grown nail

(in'grōn nāl)
A toenail, one edge of which is overgrown by the nailfold, producing a pyogenic granuloma; due to faulty trimming of the toenails or pressure from a tight shoe.

ingrown nail

Growth of the nail edge into the soft tissue, causing inflammation and sometimes an abscess. Ingrown nails may be due to improper paring of the nails or pressure on a nail edge from improperly fitted shoes. In many cases, this condition may be prevented by cutting the nails straight across.
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Patient discussion about ingrown nail

Q. How to prevent an ingrown toenail? I recently had an ingrown toenail and am scared of having another. How can I prevent it?

A. When you trim your toe nails make sure your cut them straight a cross. What ever you do, don't tear the nail off.

Q. How to treat an ingrown toenail? I think I have an ingrown toenail. How to treat it?

A. When the problem is mild, you may only need to soak your foot in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes and place dry cotton, such as part of a cotton ball, under the corner of the nail. Signs that the problem is getting worse include increasing pain, swelling and drainage of the area. Sometimes minor surgery is needed to remove the part of the nail that is poking into the skin.

Q. What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail? My son has a red toe and complains that it hurts. Is this an ingrown toenail?

A. The main symptom of an ingrown toenail is the pain from the nail growing into the skin instead of over it. If the ingrown toenail gets infected, it might be swollen or red, and it might drain pus. The area around the ingrown toenail is often painful.

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Bedford-based Teresa, 48, said: "He had mites, was blind in one eye, an ear was ripped, he had an ingrowing nail, paw ulcerations all over and scratch and bite scars.
Bagpuss incarnate HAD to go to the hospital the other day to have an ingrowing nail removed.
Partial matricectomy with electrodessicaction for permanent repair of ingrowing nail borders.
Formable acrylic treatment for ingrowing nail with gutter splint and sculptured nail.
Daniel said he has trained a nurse to push wisps of cotton gently under the ingrowing nail by using a 2mm nail elevator or a 1- to 2-mm curette.
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Almost 80 percent of females in the study already suffer from conditions like bunions, cracked heels, corns and ingrowing nails, but 40 percent of them have never been to a doctor for advice.
When cutting your toe nails, avoid cutting them too short and don't cut down the corners as it can lead to ingrowing nails.
Trim your toenails Always cut straight across and not down at the corners as this can sometimes lead to ingrowing nails.