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1. any thin, threadlike structure.
2. especially, the specialized epidermal structure produced only by mammals, developing from a papilla sunk in the corium. The life cycle of a hair (hair cycle) consists of three phases, called anagen, catagen, and telogen. Called also pilus.
Structure of hair and hair follicles. From Applegate, 2000.
3. the aggregate of such structures.
beaded hair hair marked with alternate swellings and constrictions; seen in monilethrix.
burrowing hair one that grows horizontally in the skin, causing a papule that may become infected; see also pili cuniculati, under pilus.
club hair a hair whose root is surrounded by a bulbous enlargement composed of keratinized cells, preliminary to normal loss of the hair from the follicle.
Frey's h's stiff hairs mounted in a handle; used for testing the sensitiveness of pressure points of the skin.
ingrown hair one that has curved and reentered the skin, causing a papule that may become infected. See also pili incarnati, under pilus.
lanugo hair the fine hair on the body of the fetus.
moniliform hair beaded hair.
pubic hair the hair on the external genitalia; called also pubes.
sensory h's hairlike projections on the surface of sensory epithelial cells.
tactile h's hairs sensitive to touch.
taste h's short hairlike processes projecting freely into the lumen of the pit of a taste bud from the peripheral ends of the taste cells.
terminal hair the coarse hair on various areas of the body during adult years.
twisted hair a hair that is twisted through an axis of 180 degrees at spaced intervals, being abnormally flattened at the site of twisting. See also pili torti, under pilus.
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in·grown hair

(in'grōn hār)
Hair that grows at more acute angles than is normal, and in all directions; it incompletely clears the follicle, turns back in, and causes pseudofolliculitis.
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"Women need to get it done by a specialist - I've seen some terrible scarring and ingrowing hairs that have been caused by bad waxing.
As we shave and wax more in the summer, exfoliation is important to avoid ingrowing hairs that cause lumps and bumps in unwelcome areas.
"Exfoliating before shaving helps to cut down on rashes, spots and ingrowing hairs. And some men are realising that by using them it keeps their skin a lot healthier, " he says.
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"Many of them are coming in or have been referred to us because of ingrowing hairs, which are caused mostly by shaving," she says.
Yogi applies PFB Vanish Cream to my stubbly chops and neck, which is designed to clear up the skin and attend to any ingrowing hairs and razor rash.
But the oil, which has a rather sterile smell, works in two ways - you can splash it on before shaving which softens hair and reduces the numbers of ingrowing hairs, or use it as an alternative for shaving foam.
The laser destroys the hair follicles which means less regrowth, fewer ingrowing hairs and smoother skin.
He underwent surgery on his back - for ingrowing hairs - in January and spent three weeks in bed having required 48 stitches.
ub ore p & pounds 7, mes at's nd As we shave and wax more in the summer, exfoliation is important to avoid ingrowing hairs that cause lumps and bumps in unwelcome areas!