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Harry, U.S. urologist, 1912-1998. See: Bergman sign.
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Seducing Ingrid Bergman tells the story of the torrid romance between the famed Casablanca actress and celebrated war photographer Robert Capa that began in Paris immediately following the Second World War, and culminates with Capa following her back to Hollywood at the time of the Communist witch hunt by Senator McCarthy.
When the film was released, the film-makers were roundly criticised for casting Ingrid Bergman - a tall woman with a Swedish accent - as Gladys Aylward, who was in fact short and had a Cockney accent.
Selz nick first met Ingrid Bergman, he asked her to take off her shoes.
Belly dancers, waiters wearing fezzes, a piano player called Sam and a sliver of a Moroccan moon greeted men in white Bogart jackets and ladies channeling Ingrid Bergman at Casablanca at the Crosley for All Children's Hospital Guild of Sarasota/Manatee.
Ingrid Bergman Remembered is a biographical DVD tribute to legendary Hollywood actress and devoted mother Ingrid Bergman, known for her stellar performance in such classics as "Casablanca", "Gaslight", and "Anastasia".
And Ingrid Bergman looks even more luminously beautiful in the restored prints.
Reflections by George Burns, Ingrid Bergman, Michael Caine and more involved in Hollywood productions make for a fun gathering of some of the most insulting, scathing and hilarious descriptions and observations on screen.
His wife was convinced he was having an affair with his co-star Ingrid Bergman and had threatened to kill him.
Humphrey Bogart's 1942 kiss with Ingrid Bergman at the end of Casablanca is third.
In Casting, a group of young male and female models recite in Italian a line from Roberto Rossellini's film Stromboli (1950)--the transcendent and desperate moment in which Ingrid Bergman speaks the words: "Che io abbia la forza, la convinzione, ed il coraggio" (May I have the strength, conviction, and courage).
11 Riverflix will feature two Humphrey Bogart classics "Key Largo" with Lauren Bacall and "Casablanca" with Ingrid Bergman.