Franz, U.S. nephrologist and editor, 1910-1980. See: Ingelfinger rule.
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But benefits could be a long way off, Clifford Rosen of the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough and Julie Ingelfinger of Massachusetts General Hospital write in an editorial accompanying the paper.
Listening attentively to patients' presentations and noting special concerns underlying patients' narratives (Mishler, Clark, Ingelfinger, & Simon, 1989)
These embargo policies are an artifact of the so-called Ingelfinger Rule, which states that scholars should not publish the same article in multiple venues (Jacobsmeyer, 2012).
Julie Ingelfinger is the senior consultant in pediatric nephrology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Ingelfinger (17), refiere en su editorial que el BPN aumenta el riesgo de problemas en la adultez temprana como hipertension arterial, enfermedad cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus tipo 2.