Franz, U.S. nephrologist and editor, 1910-1980. See: Ingelfinger rule.
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Key Personnel: Stefan De Loecker, chief executive officer, corporate strategy and development, supply chain, purchasing/production/logistics, internal audit, research and development; Harald Emberger, global head of supply chain; Ralf Gusko, executive board member, Asia Pacific (Northeast and Southeast Asia excluding Japan and India), Australia; Thomas Ingelfinger, executive board member, Europe (excluding Germany and Switzerland); Zhengrong Liu, executive board member, human resources and corporate communications, labor relations; Ramon A.
A practical concern for researchers that requires further clarification is the so-called 'Ingelfinger rule'.
Julie Ingelfinger and Clifford Rosen, editors at the medical journal, wrote in an accompanying article.
Ingelfinger, MD, is from the Tufts University in Boston, and Clifford J.
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Current landscape changes associated with oil well developments impact wildlife in a number of ways (Northrup and Wittemyer 2013): 1) habitat fragmentation by the creation of complex road networks (Ingelfinger and Anderson 2004, Bi et al.
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