infusion pump

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infusion pump

an apparatus designed to deliver measured amounts of a drug or IV solution through IV injection over time. Some kinds of infusion pumps can be implanted surgically.
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Local anesthetic infusion pump

infusion pump

A device designed to deliver drugs and/or 'biologicals', at low doses and at a constant or controllable rate; ↑ rates of delivery in such devices may be associated with local hemolysis, compromising the potential benefits of a calibrated delivery system. Cf Pancreas transplant.

in·fu·sion pump

(in-fyūzhŭn pŭmp)
A device that instills intravenous fluids into a patient's circulatory system at a set rate.


1. an apparatus for drawing or forcing liquid or gas.
2. to draw or force liquids or gases.
3. a mechanism or structure that mediates active transport of ions or molecules across a biological membrane.

blood pump
a machine used to propel blood through the tubing of extracorporeal circulation devices.
calcium pump
the mechanism of active transport of calcium (Ca2+) across a membrane, as of the sarcoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells, against a concentration gradient; the mechanism is driven by hydrolysis of ATP.
infusion pump
an electronic device used to control the administration of intravenous fluids in very small amounts and at a carefully regulated rate over long periods.
pump oxygenator
heart-lung machine. See extracorporeal circulatory support unit.
sodium pump, sodium-potassium pump
the mechanism of active transport driven by hydrolysis of ATP, by which sodium (Na+) is extruded from a cell and potassium (K+) is brought in, so as to maintain the low concentration of Na+ and the high concentration of K+ within the cell with respect to the surrounding medium. See also na+,k+-atpase.
stomach pump
an apparatus used to remove material from the stomach. It consists of a rubber stomach tube to which a bulb syringe is attached. The tube is inserted into the mouth or nose and passed down the esophagus into the stomach. Suction from the syringe brings the contents of the stomach up through the tube. For cattle and horses a reversible metal pump adapted from a yachting bilge pump is most suitable. In small animals, gravity is the usual method of moving fluid into and out of the stomach during lavage.
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During that period there have been 87 recalls of infusion pumps undertaken to address identified safety concerns.
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