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74% during the year 2016-2012, which is mainly driven by the amplifying number of hospitals and health clinics coupled with an expanding population base along with the increasing penetration of infrared thermometers in the region, whereas North America hold the dominant position in the market place.
Caregiver is a clinical-grade, infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants, without contact.
Often we have thermometers returned for calibration only after it has been noticed that there is a difference in the temperature reading between the infrared thermometer and a fixed thermocouple.
This infrared thermometer measures temperature over the range of -50 to +330[degrees]C with an assured accuracy of [+ or -]2[degrees]C over the range of 0 to 330[degrees]C, outside of this range (-50 to 0[degrees]C) accuracy is [+ or -]4[degrees]C.
The Infrared Thermometer can be custom set for Celsius or Fahrenheit readings, with or without target light guidance.
To find the temperature of a bulb, point the infrared thermometer at the bulbs until you find the hottest spot.
Low-cost compact model M7 portable, handheld and battery-operated noncontact infrared thermometer features LCD temperature display with dual laser sighting for pinpointing small target areas.
has introduced a versatile point-and-shoot infrared thermometer that can make non-contact hot and cold surface temperature measurements of a pinpointed target area, and also provide direct contact measurements using any K-type probe thermocouple having a mini-style plug.
The ThermoTrace Infrared Thermometer, Model 15030, features a validated accuracy at [+ or -] 2[degrees]F (1[degrees]C) from 32[degrees]F (0[degrees]C) to 590[degrees]F (310[degrees]C).
The series includes the FoodPro infrared thermometer for quick non-contact scanning of food surface temperatures and the FoodProPlus, which combines an infrared thermometer with a built-in contact temperature probe for applications that require both surface raid internal readings.
In order to calibrate an infrared thermometer, a blackbody calibration Source is required.
ThermoTrace waterproof low-temp infrared thermometer, Model 15006-40, is completely waterproof (IP67 compliant) and can be washed and sanitized.
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