infrared spectroscopy

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in·fra·red spec·tros·co·py

the study of the specific absorption in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; used in the study of the chemical bonds within molecules.
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The patterns observed by the infrared spectrometer on LCROSS showed that water molecules had absorbed infrared radiation.
This global formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds has enhanced its comprehensive test laboratory with the acquisition of a Fourier Transformation Near Infrared Spectrometer. The system is said to allow the company to accurately measure various chemical and physical properties of a thermoset composite bulk molding compound (BMC) or sheet molding compound (SMC) batch before going into production, which is said to ensure that the material will process, mold and perform exactly to customer specifications.
An infrared spectrometer will then provide information on composition.
An infrared spectrometer indicated that, as predicted, temperatures near the equator dip as low as 80 kelvins.
California Analytical Instruments demonstrated its 1000 CELS infrared spectrometer, which uses a reflective cavity to enhance the sensitivity of the system.
MCAD uses a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer to detect the spectral fingerprints of deadly agents like sarin and mustard gas.
The IlluminatIR[TM] is an infrared spectrometer designed to integrate with an existing light microscope--without compromising the microscope's full optical capability.
Other instruments on show were the mass spectrometer and fourier transform infrared spectrometer.
The wagon takes its piece of carpet to one of eight "shower stations," where a small, high-speed water jet washes an area of carpet about the size of a quarter, allowing an infrared spectrometer (from Bruker Optics Inc.) to identify the resin automatically.
The rover was equipped with cameras capable of returning three dimensional images, an infrared spectrometer, a sample return capability, a trenching tool, and low resolution microscope.
The steps in the analytical scheme include well-documented representative sampling procedures, barcoding of samples for automated analysis, prescribed preliminary tests, quantitative analysis (if needed), and final confirmation by gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer or fourier transform infrared spectrometer.

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