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below the hyoid bone.


Below the hyoid bone; denoting especially a group of muscles: the sternohyoideus, sternothyroideus, thyrohyoideus, and omohyoideus.
Synonym(s): subhyoid, subhyoidean


Inferior to the hyoid bone.
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Neurovascular myocutaneous infrahyoid flap can be prepared prior to neck dissection, does not inhibit the dissection procedure, does not require additional incision, and can be primarily closed (7).
Caption: Figure 3: Axial chest CT showing a hypodense, solid, infrahyoid mass extending to the superior mediastinum.
(11) as follows: stage/class I, infrahyoid unilateral lesions; stage/class II, suprahyoid bilateral lesions; stage/class III, suprahyoid or infrahyoid unilateral lesions; stage/class IV, suprahyoid bilateral lesions; stage/class V, suprahyoid or infrahyoid bilateral lesions; and stage/class IV, infrahyoid bilateral lesions.
The activity of masseter, submental, and infrahyoid groups were measured using sEMG during three repetitions of different swallowing tasks.
Infrahyoid muscles are reflected downward exposing the superior half of the thyroid lamina (black arrow), and an inferiorly based thyroid perichondrial flap is created (white arrow).
The Shaker exercise is a series of sustained and repetitive head lifting exercises to enhance the strength of infrahyoid and suprahyoid muscular activity [1, 2].
de Serres [25] proposed a staging system according to location and extent of lesions: stage 1 is unilateral infrahyoid, stage 2 is unilateral suprahyoid, stage 3 is unilateral infrahyoid and suprahyoid, stage 4 is bilateral infrahyoid, and stage 5 is bilateral infrahyoid and suprahyoid.
However, we lack information on the CT findings for detailed analysis of site (middle, left, or right), and location (submental, suprahyoid, over hyoid, and infrahyoid) of the cysts in relation to the hyoid bone as well as to the midline and rule out malignancy preoperatively.
When it comes to the height, over 82% of TDC are located at the infrahyoid muscles, and only 5% at the suprahyoid ones [12].
Surgical options for OSA management depend on the levels of obstruction that include septorhinoplasty, palatal surgery, maxillofacial surgery, hyoid suspension, infrahyoid myotomy, mandibular advancement, mandibular osteotomy, midline glossectomy, and tracheostomy.
He had a horizontal cervical incision at the infrahyoid level in zone 2 of the neck 10 cm in length.
When applying NMES, mylohyoid, thyrohyoid, suprahyoid, infrahyoid, and geniohyoid muscle contractions are tried to be activated through the electrodes placed on the submental and laryngeal regions in the anterior neck (1,2,13).