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in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

combination of vital and health statistical data from multiple sources, used to derive information and make decisions about the health needs, health resources, costs, use, and outcome of health care.
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information system

1. Any structure or device that converts data input from diverse systems into outputs such as reports and screen displays.
2. An automated or manual system that comprises people, machines, and/or methods organized to collect, process, transmit, and disseminate data that represent user information.
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* Provide protection from malicious code at appropriate locations within organizational information systems.
Depending on geographic regions, global Laboratory Information Systems market is segmented into seven key regions: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa.
Passenger information system can be an effective future investment for transporters to not only offer greater convenience to passengers, but also to experience platforms with a wide range of personalized services.
As can be noticed in table 3, significance level of tribal culture equals 0.010, which is less than 0.05 and therefore indicate that tribal culture has an effect on management information systems. Thus, the null hypothesis is rejected.
Similarly, the proper and systematic functioning of the health information system requires good coordination of its components, starting from the data gatherers at the most peripheral level of the health system up to the central Ministry of Health level.
This study was carried to evaluate the security level in the most common information systems. Our experience shows that security question is in many cases very underestimatimated.
In the memorandum, the principal accrediting authorities state that the timely deployment of information systems is critical to attaining the department's strategic vision of netcentricity.
Each subsystem is split up into the modules, which are further split up into the submodules up into the basic sub- modules, which is the lowest level of hierarchic arrangement of the CAAC information system (see Fig.
The order, secured through Jeeves Information Systems' local partner JIS Netherlands, covers the implementation of Jeeves Universal throughout the customer's European organisation of over 5,000 stores.
Under the agreement IS Systemes will base its next generation solution for the wine industry on Jeeves Information Systems' enterprise resource planning system.
Now, prompted largely by the reporting requirements under the No Child Left Behind law, the Matsu and Birmingham districts have sophisticated student information systems that allow them to efficiently collect the data they need and save staff resources.

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