audit trail

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audit trail

A software-tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed.

(1) A sequential printed or electronic record of individual audits, which can be used to assess the successful completion and maintenance of performance improvements.
(2) A permanent record of claims and/or payments stored on the database.

The entire written record of documents, correspondence and reports that document study conduct; a secure, time-stamped record that allows reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification and deletion of an electronic study record.

Study files, changes to CRFs, drug accountability records.
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audit trail

Informatics A software tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed. See Internal audit.
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doc·u·men·ta·tion trail

(dok'yū-mĕn-ta'shŭn trāl)
A detailed sequential record of events pertaining to a particular matter; used as a risk management technique.
Synonym(s): audit trail.
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