Information Silo

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A stack of data in a specific discipline without cross-talk with other disciplines, such that one discipline may not understand others when using their terminology
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Many have made the mistake of taking a website development route, which has simply created another information silo. Others have enabled customers to raise support calls via an online trouble ticketing system - but that constrains the web portal to a specific sub set of information and in turn, restricts the employees, teams and/or departments that have access to the data.
does not live in any one clinical information silo. As we moved from
The staggering volume; the insulated, repositoried nature of information (often called "information silos"); and the Babel-like variety of its shapes and forms have forced information workers to adopt increasingly complex tools and techniques in order to merely do their daily jobs.
* reduces costs through improved operational efficiencies and information access and consolidation of information silos; and
Currently there are up to three different information silos for contracts, Workspace will ensure that there is one database and that this knowledge can be used by all departments within the company including business development and project delivery, reducing re-work and re-keying of data.
Attivio explains IT Knowledge Expert breaks down traditional information silos and easily integrates with existing enterprise systems, enabling secure access, navigation and discovery of all information relevant to a service management issue, including:
8x8 eliminates information silos to expose vital, real-time intelligence across all clouds, applications and devices to improve individual and team productivity, business performance and customer experience.
Osborne finished by saying, "We see our open cloud platform as not being just about storage but about all information silos, and we'll be soon adding support for social information and also the ability to capture Instant Messaging data and bring it back into an Organisation."
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