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Social policy relative to funding infertility treatment reflects the complex political and social processes of the various countries.
While precise figures for UK residents travelling overseas for infertility treatment are not recorded, an academic study in 2010 estimated that 25,000 cross-border infertility treatment cycles are carried out in Europe every year.
The prospective cohort study included 361 couples seeking infertility treatment at eight San Francisco Bay Area clinics.
Nearly half - including NHS Warwickshire - offer just one cycle and two trusts do not routinely infertility treatment at all.
Measures to prepare for demographic change should include guaranteed leave for parents, facilitated access to infertility treatment and adoption, and cutbacks in early retirement, say MEPs.
In this paper, we extend earlier studies of the choice to pursue infertility treatment by examining in greater detail the relationship between income, insurance, and the choice not just of whether to seek treatment, but of what types of treatment to pursue.
Infertility treatment is comparatively new and, many of us think, a waste of resources in a land where hundreds of children languish in care for want of decent parents.
Deftly providing readers through a sensitive understanding of the variety of infertility causes affecting men and women, Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster covers the issues of menopause, disclosure infertility and conception, parenting after infertility, how to find a doctor or lawyer, the psychology of infertility treatment, becoming a couple again, and the choice of a childless marriage.
Since this is true of all ovulation-stimulating drugs, other infertility treatment drugs may pose a similar risk.
The changes in fertility patterns in many countries as well as the increasing use of infertility treatment may play a role.
It is especially important given the imminent arrival of guidelines for infertility treatment due out from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence in February.
uk - now includes details of private hospitals and treatment, fixed price surgery, cosmetic surgery, private specialist and GP services, health screening, infertility treatment, psychiatric care, elderly care, health and dental insurance and financing healthcare costs.