inferior mediastinum

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in·fe·ri·or me·di·as·ti·num

the region below a horizontal plane transecting approximately the T4-5 intervertebral disc posteriorly and the sternal angle anteriorly, demarcating the inferior limit of the superior mediastinum. It is subdivided into three regions: middle, anterior, and posterior.
Synonym(s): mediastinum inferius [TA]
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Drain in inferior mediastinum with multiple pores for stomach bed drainage and a witzel jejunostomy for later postoperative nutrition was also performed.
DISCUSSION: The thymus which is a central lymphoid organ is located mainly in anterior superior mediastinum in front of the heart and behind the sternum sometimes it extends to inferior mediastinum.
However, the scan also identified enlarged soft tissue deposits in a left paraoesophageal, pre-aortic site within the posterior, inferior mediastinum (level of D8-D10); the largest deposit measuring 18mm in diameter (Fig.
At surgery, a large tumor mass was found in the inferior mediastinum.

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