inferior alveolar artery

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in·fe·ri·or al·ve·o·lar ar·ter·y

origin, first part of maxillary artery; distribution, through mandibular foramen/canal to lower teeth and chin; branches, artery to mylohyoid, mental artery, dental arteries.
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inferior alveolar artery

An artery of the face, which is a branch of the maxillary artery, that enters the mandibular foramen. It has three major branches that supply the teeth, the chin and oral mucosa: incisor, mental and mylohyoid.
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in·fe·ri·or al·ve·o·lar ar·te·ry

(in-fēr'ē-ŏr al-vē'ŏ-lăr ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Origin, first part of maxillary artery; distribution, through mandibular foramen and canal to lower teeth and chin; branches, artery to mylohyoid, mental artery, dental arteries.
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Shape of inferior alveolar canal for males on right side showed Elliptical (82.66%), Linear (5.25%), Turning (5.33%), Spoon (6.66%).
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With virtual surgical planning, the position of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) is known.
The patient currently is 8 months' status postsurgery and has normal neurosensory function of the right inferior alveolar nerve distribution with a pinpoint area of hypoesthesia along the right lateral lip vermillion border measuring 2 x 2 mm.
Evaluation of risk injury to the inferior alveolar nerve with classical sagittal split osteotomy technique and proposed alternative surgical techniques using computer-assisted surgery.
Preoperative 3D reconstruction indicates the location of the KCOT in the mandible and its relationship with the inferior alveolar canal, provides the volume of the KCOT, and provides key data for bone reconstruction, which is performed by packing an artificial bone graft into the bony cavity.
[26] analyzed sequestrectomy specimens and reported that the dominant feature of mandibular ORN was ischemic necrosis due to obliteration of the inferior alveolar artery by RT.
So, short acting local anaesthetics without adrenaline preferably infiltrated on buccal and lingual sides can achieve the required analgesia for extractions instead of inferior alveolar nerve blocks with a long acting local anaesthetic [3].
KCOTs can cause displacement and resorption of teeth, and the inferior alveolar nerve canal may also be displaced (12).
Sensory nerve injury particularly of the inferior alveolar nerve and mental nerve is a common complication associated with mandibular fractures.
It was found the predominance of frenulum with fixing in the middle third and sublingual caruncles and between the middle third and the apex and the inferior alveolar crest, normal and altered, respectively.
There was mandibular hypoplasia with narrow right condylar process, deepening of the right sigmoid notch, pseudoelongation of the ipsilateral condylar neck, thinner ramus and body, widened inferior alveolar canal, and enlarged mental foramen.