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Effect of patch size and in-patch location on the infaunal macroinvertebrate assemblages of Zostera marina seagrass beds.
An experimental evaluation of the short-term effects of trawling on infaunal assemblages of the coast off southern Brazil.
The physical disturbance caused by towing gears effect the benthic ecosystem by reducing or changing the abundance and distribution patterns of both infaunal and epifaunal communities.
nudus burrows actively in sandy sediments feeding on them as they burrow and has integumentary specializations for gas exchange thru the body surface (Ruppert & Rice, 1995) facilitating their infaunal mode of life.
The species is characterized as bottom infaunal organisms with no external sexual dimorphism, however, they can be identified by different-colored gonads: the females' are dark grey, whereas the males' are milky white (Araujo, 1995).
The benthic foraminiferal assemblages are diverse (around 72 species), slightly dominated by infaunal taxa (57%).
Life-stage-specific toxicity of sediment-associated chlorpyrifos to a marine infaunal copepod.
Feeding physiology of infaunal (Mulinia Edulis) and epifaunal (Mytilus chilensis) bivalves under a wide range of concentrations and qualities of seston.
Tanner crabs consume not only a variety of infaunal prey, including bivalves, polychaetes, and other crustaceans, but also detrital material (Jewett and Feder, 1983), which presumably occurs in higher concentrations in silty and muddy sediments than in coarser sediments.
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