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IndustryPack is a trademark of GreenSpring Computers, Inc.
Although the IP Extender Toolkit (Type III) is not an IP module, it is designed in accordance to the IndustryPack Logic Interface Specification, Rev.
CommIO-IP gives designers of C40-based systems access to more than 40 existing IndustryPack I/O modules, which are available from GreenSpring and a host of other vendors.
The board's C40 DSP serves as a local controller, routing data between IndustryPack modules and either VMEbus shared memory, or front panel comm ports.
To help designers interface their IndustryPack modules to CommIO-IP's C40 DSP, Ariel offers a reference design free of charge.
SYSTRAN's I/O Product Manager Harry Drain sees Europe as a major market for the products: ``The formation of the Dutch-based IndustryPack User's Group (GroupIP) is a powerful enterprise that will ensure the IP module concept succeeds.

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