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(sĕk′tor) [L., cutter]
1. The area of a circle included between two radii and an arc.
2. The physical location for a specific activity designated in the incident management system.

rehab sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident, fire, or hazardous materials incident where rescue personnel are sent to be medically monitored, rehydrated, cooled off, or warmed, as the situation warrants.

staging sector

A location within a minute or two’s response to the scene of a multiple-casualty incident, hazmat incident, or major fire where emergency vehicles and personnel are assigned to wait till they are needed at the location.

transport sector

At a multiple-casualty incident, the place where ambulances or helicopters, or both, are brought in to transport patients to hospitals. At the transport sector, decisions are made regarding where to send patients with specialized problems, and the status of triaged patients is discussed with receiving facilities.

treatment sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident where patients' needs are prioritized and their injuries or illnesses are initially managed before they are taken to a hospital.

triage sector

In a multiple-casualty incident, the place where patients are sorted and separated according to the acuity of their illnesses or injuries before they are transported to a treatment sector or hospital.
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However, the highest growth achieved in the last decade by the industrial sector has been 12.5%, and realistically, this sets an upper limit for expected growth, given the current set of constraints.
She explained that the department had signed and activated a number of agreements, launched a number of initiatives to support the industrial sector in Sharjah, and strengthened its strategy to support the industry and develop the domestic export sector by working with industrial companies in various sectors and harnessing all support services required to achieve growth that operates in global markets.
The industrial sector includes real estate and construction both of which are of great importance due to their labour intensive nature, as well as the fact that they act as a link between various other sectors.
On one hand, the export sector has been given incentives for increased exports, but on the other hand gas has been closed to the industrial sector, which is drastic for the country's industry and against the vision of the current government.
UNIDO has been working in Lebanon since 1989, with a strong belief that a healthy and successful industrial sector has the potential to create jobs for men, women, and youth in different areas across Lebanon.
He said steps were not taken seriously for the promotion of industrial sector in the past while our government is taking solid steps in this regard.
Therefore, the commercial balance of the industrial sector stands at -5,497.0 MD against -5,371.3 MD in the first seven months of 2017.
Government has repeatedly claimed to have eliminated the load shedding but the new load shedding schedule for the industrial sector has exposed all such unfounded claims, said President FPCCI Ghazanfar Bilour.
New investment in the industrial sector , through domestic investment , foreign private investment , and bank credit , has not risen to the desired levels.
Gulf Industry provides the region's industrial sector with a unique monthly review of everything that is of vital interest to readers - from departments covering electricity and power generation, communications and IT, environment and water to specific industry sectors such as building materials, agribusiness, food and beverages and many more.
discussed the challenges faced by the industrial sector and the
It said the industries dependent on cheap local gas are opposing the move because they will have to pay more for the energy while the industrial sector using imported gas is welcoming the decision as they will see a substantial cut in the cost of doing business.

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