Industrial Accident

A technological accident involving an industrial site or production facility—e.g., a factory
Types Chemical spill/leak, explosion, radiation leak, building collapse, gas leak, mass poisoning, industrial fire, etc.
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A I'm afraid to say the answer is almost certainly no, although it is often difficult to define the difference between an industrial accident, for which benefit is payable, and a "process", for which it is not.
A man had to be evacuated by helicopter after suffering injuries during an industrial accident at an Aberdeenshire quarry.
Emergency services were called to Lovie Methlick Quarry yesterday afternoon after the man was hurt in what officers described as an "industrial accident".
To qualify for Disablement Benefit a person must meet the following conditions: | have an illness or disability assessed at 14% or more; | the illness or disability must have been caused by an industrial accident or through a prescribed industrial disease; | when the accident took place or the disease was contracted, must have been a paid employee.
A COVENTRY man who took cannabis for pain relief following an industrial accident has had his jail term slashed on appeal.
MAN has died in a suspected industrial accident in Sunderland.
The data on industrial accident in Pakistan, gathered through media coverage, indicate that boiler explosions top the list.
It is based on a real event in which a foreign worker lost his finger in an industrial accident and eventually lost his job without compensation.
The post Industrial accident victims go years without compensation appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Bara [Nepal], April 10 ( ANI ): A 45-year-old Indian national, identified as Ram Sanehi, has died in an industrial accident at the Reliance Sugar factory in Bara, Southern Nepal.
The industrial accident happened when Jones fell into a tire shredder and could not free himself, according to ( KTRK , a Houston ABC affiliate.

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