Industrial Accident

A technological accident involving an industrial site or production facility—e.g., a factory
Types Chemical spill/leak, explosion, radiation leak, building collapse, gas leak, mass poisoning, industrial fire, etc.
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The industrial accident happened when Jones fell into a tire shredder and could not free himself, according to (http://abc13.
To qualify for this benefit, a person must meet the following conditions: | must have an illness or disability which is assessed at 14% or more | the illness or disability must have been caused by an industrial accident or through a prescribed industrial disease | when the accident took place or the disease was contracted, the person must have been a paid employee Q.
The mock exercise will be held at Dharki in last week of March for rescue and relief in a contingency of industrial accident.
Elsewhere an industrial accident transforms a nerdy Oscorp employee into an electrically-charged monster.
A RUNCORN food manufacturer appeared at Liverpool Magistrates' Court after the death of one of its workers in an industrial accident.
No one should go to their work and not come home again because of an industrial accident.
Vallex Group has confirmed the industrial accident at the Alaverdi copper smeltery.
An industrial accident which led to a fire breaking out in a factory based on the outskirts of Riyadh has caused the deaths of six people and injured many more, the Al-Riyadh newspaper has claimed.
She had a great career, from public defender to DA to the Industrial Accident Board to district court judge," said lawyer Nicholas Bazoukas.
One expensive industrial accident or terrorist attack could forever wipe out any chance of a positive ROI on the development and construction of a new chemical plant.
A MAN was killed yesterday morning in an industrial accident.
TRAGIC SCENE: A view of the Chevron refinery, at Pembroke Dock, west Wales where four workers were killed in what is being described a"tragic industrial accident

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