folie a deux

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 [fo-le´] (Fr.)
psychosis; insanity.
folie à deux mental disorder affecting two persons who share the same delusions; formally classified as shared psychotic disorder.
folie du pourquoi [doo-poor-kwah´] psychopathologic constant questioning.
folie gémellaire [zha″mĕ-lār´] psychosis occurring simultaneously in twins.

fo·lie à deux

(ah dyeuh),
a mental disorder in which a delusion develops in a person in a relationship with another person with an established delusion.
[Fr. two]

folie à deux

(fô-lē′ ä dœ′, fŏl′ē)
A condition in which two individuals who share a close relationship experience the same delusions or hallucinations as the result of a mental disorder such as schizophrenia affecting one or both of them. Also called shared psychotic disorder.

folie à deux

A disorder in which 2 closely related people share a delusional system; e.g., a mother who believes a son who is convinced he’s Jesus Christ

folie à deux

Induced psychotic disorder, shared psychotic disorder Psychiatry A condition in which 2 closely related people share a delusional system–eg, a mother who believes a son who believes that he is Jesus Christ