dyadic psychotherapy

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dy·ad·ic psy·cho·ther·a·py

a psychotherapeutic session involving only two persons, the therapist and the patient. Compare: group psychotherapy.
Synonym(s): individual therapy
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In this presentation, the practice of combining individual therapy strategies and pharmacotherapy will be systematically considered from the standpoint of adherence, meanings of medication, enhancement of outcome, and different modes of therapeutic action.
Does circuit class therapy during inpatient stroke rehabilitation result in a greater incidence or severity of shoulder pain compared with individual therapy?
"This finding that group therapy is equivalent to, and maybe better than, individual therapy, suggests that the group approach may be a desirable, low-cost first line of clinical care for those who need to lose weight," said Dr.
"So this year we are stretching Out internationally so that we can build teams, small teams that go all around like light," providing individual therapy, marriage preparation and counseling, education, speakers--whatever is needed to serve Jesus in this particularly distressing disguise.
Staffing limitations mandate flexible use of group methods and enthusiastic adaptation of treatment methods originally developed for individual therapy delivery.
Psychotherapy and psychological testing were particularly problematic, with 50% of group therapy and 34% of individual therapy services found to be inappropriate.
Young people who became psychotic in the context of stormy family relationships and an unstable personality profited from drugs as well as family and individual therapy. Particularly severe cases of schizophrenia, in which people had become isolated and unable to maintain social contacts or to express emotions, required both medication and basic forms of rehabilitation.
* A clinical psychology group billed individual therapy sessions lasting 45 to 50 minutes for as many as 42 residents per day.
The different types of clinical depression are very treatable with individual therapy, group therapy and/or psychotropic medications.
Part 4 deals with treatment methods: individual therapy, family work, psychopharmacology, and crisis intervention.
An individual therapy program is constantly adjusted and enhanced as the sources of discomfort are tamed and gradually disappear.
Thompson, an expert in preparing sports- men for combat, is an all-action Mr Motivator, helping channel con-trolled aggression and focusing players through group and individual therapy.
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