Indigo Children

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A New Age concept for children who allegedly possess special psychic traits or abilities. Indigo Children attracted wide interest after books and films on the subject hit the media in the 1990s
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Indigo Children, Jindabaad and Chirkutt will perform at Turquoise Cottage in DLF Phase- II, Gurgaon, on Thursday, November 22.
Furthermore, the grand finale marked the reunion of Indigo Children, the band that made India proud by recording with the legendary John Leckie.
10 INDIGO CHILDREN I'm not sure what exactly is happening, but it seems like every other week there's a dramatic news story involving unlikely feats by children: superhuman teenagers who survive a lightning strike; a kid who gets hit by a meteorite, which bounces off his hand and buries itself deep in the soil; a sixteen-year-old who discovers miraculous plastic-eating bacteria.
Native American spirituality Western astrology Mayan astrology and calendars the myths of Atlantis Kabbalah past lives and regression therapy indigo children and shamanism are all presented within the book's 147 pages.
New-age author Nancy Ann Tappe claims 98% of kids under 10 are "indigo children"--highly evolved, psychic beings with high self-esteem who rebel against school rules and expectations.
She has now become such an expert she has launched a website to help others who may be going through similar things, and has also started a meeting group for families with Indigo children, a new-age term for children with psychic abilities - not easy subject to swallow.
"Indigo children can see auras, sense energy and some have premonitions.
Through the engrossing, sometimes hilarious dialogues between Larry and Zeus, Larry and a racoon, Larry and a juniper tree, and Larry and stones, metaphysical concepts are explored, among these the Higher Self, Akashic records, Levels of Awareness, densities, chakras, indigo children and reincarnation.