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A New Age concept for children who allegedly possess special psychic traits or abilities. Indigo Children attracted wide interest after books and films on the subject hit the media in the 1990s
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'Indigo Child,' first staged last year, had a two-weekend sold-out rerun in last month's 'Pista Rizalina,' a festival of martial law-themed plays at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
The one-woman drama directed by Ed Lacson twinbills with Rody Vera's 'Indigo Child' at the Dulaang Huseng Batute today, 3 p.m.; Sept 16, 8 p.m.; and Sept.
Heather believes his problems were caused by the clairvoyant abilities he possessed as an indigo child.
Dulang May Isang Yugto: first prize, Eljay Castro Deldoc for 'Pilipinas Kong Mahal With All the Overcoat'; second, Rodolfo Carlos Vera for 'Indigo Child'; and third, Dominique Beatrice T.
Sionil Jos's 'Pragres' in a twin bill with the Philippine High School for the Arts' devised play 'Bata, Banta, Bantay, Tayo, Tayog, Bantayog;' Reuel Aguila's 'Maliw;' Nicolas Pichay's 'Isang Araw sa Karnabal;' Rody Vera's 'Indigo Child;' Millado's 'Buwan at Baril in E Major;' Bonifacio Ilagan's 'Pagsambang Bayan The Musical' (Ilagan is the brother of Rizalina); and Nicanor Tiongson's 'Aurelio Sedisyoso,' a season production of Tanghalang Pilipino that opened last night and runs until Sept.
'Indigo Child,' 10:30 a.m., starring Skyzx Labastilla and Rafael Tibayan, written by Rodolfo Vera, shot by Ellen Ongkeko, directed by Jose Estrella, and cited by Inquirer Theater editor Gibbs Cadiz as 2016's Best One-Act Filipino Play.
'Indigo Child' is one of nine other plays in 'Never Again: Voices of Martial Law,' cited by as one of the 25 Best Arts and Culture Moments of 2016
The most indelible story along this vein is Rody Vera's 'Indigo Child,' about a boy awakening to the buried horrors of his mother's past in a military detention camp.
The six original plays are Chris Martinez's 'Thingy Or Ang Pak na Pak Ganern na Ganern sa Pakikipagsapalaran ni Melenyo, D' Great Pokemon Hunter' (directed by Dennis Marasigan); George de Jesus III's 'Disco 1081' (directed by Melvin Lee); Layeta Bucoy's 'Princess Lilli' (directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio); Alan Lopez's 'Sshhh' (directed by Jenny Jamora); Rody Vera's 'Indigo Child' (directed by Jose Estrella); and Guelan Varela Luarca's 'Ang Lihim na Kasaysayan ng Huling Habilin ni Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (Spiritual King Solomon of Israel) Hinggil sa Pamanang Kayamanan ni King Bernardo Carpio at Jose Protacio Rizal Para sa Pagpapaunlad ng Bansang Pilipinas na Siyang Nalalaman ni Mang Ambo, Taxi Driver),' directed by Roobak Valle.