Indian Health Services

In·di·an Health Ser·vic·es

(HIS) (in'dē-ăn helth sĕr'vis-ĕz)
Branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that supplies medical and public health services to Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-November 29, 2017-Alliant's Tribal First Division Acquires American Indian Health Services
com)-- Academy Medical, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, announced a government partnership with Brain Sentinel to exclusively provide seizure monitoring and alerting systems in to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), and Indian Health Services (IHS) medical treatment facilities.
In March, the SCIA held an oversight hearing on the Indian Health Services Special Diabetes Program for Indians and passed out of committee S.
Duane Uses Arrow, a former Bureau of Indian Affairs officer, said wait times at the local Indian Health Services clinic average about six hours.
Pilot programs utilizing the data to improve cancer care and services will take place at the English River First Nation Health Clinic, Ochapowace First Nation, Battleford Tribal Council Indian Health Services and with members of the MN-S.
Healing Histories: Stories from Canada's Indian Hospitals" discusses Canada's Indian health services throughout the beginning of the twentieth century and discusses how the treatment of tuberculosis allowed a bridging between the first nations people and the Canadian government after decades of oppression and cultural persecution.
Apart from the VA, which has an overall patient enrolment of over eight million, the Department of Defense, Indian Health Services and the Bureau of Prisons will also have access to the national contract pricing.
Nationwide, American Indians and Alaska Natives die at higher rates than other Americans from tuberculosis, alcoholism, motor vehicle crashes, diabetes, homicide and suicide, according to a Indian Health Services January 2006 fact sheet.
In addition to the center, Miller has worked with the American Indian Health Services of Chicago and the Anawim Center, another Native American cultural center; both are in Uptown.
Pett wrote to the director of Indian health services, Dr.
When 601 people of First Nations ancestry from the seven member bands served by Battleford Tribal Council Indian Health Services were screened at an urban clinic held in Saskatoon, the results were astounding.

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