India Rubber Man

A fanciful term referring to the hyperlaxity of joints and hyperextensible, fragile and bruisable skin accompanied by cutaneous and vascular friability typical of patients with Ehlers-Danlos disease
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References in classic literature ?
But despite the pain he was bounding up again like an India rubber man to renew the attack, when Little John interfered.
Such shenanigans have earned Zuma the appellation of "the India rubber man", to describe the way he bounces from one calamity to another.
TOMMY DOCHERTY, who managed 16 clubs in a spectacular career, was described as football's India rubber man as he bounced out of a job as boss at Derby straight into another one at QPR.
And all the time Messi, seemingly indestructible, bounced back to his feet like an India rubber man. But along with the description "genius" has come something else a little less welcome in the last 12 months, the phrase "persistent muscle injury issues".
In the next basin the waters flow like Niagara and those with more supple joints than an India rubber man pivot on a foot like a Bolshoi principal dancer while performing ritual ablutions, which subsequently require reams of paper to dry off.
The Blues were renowned for having decent ones: Dan Tremelling, nicknamed the India Rubber Man, Harry Hibbs and Merrick to name but a few, who were household names to my generation or any follower of Blues' history.
I remember particularly the performance of Nat Jackley, The India Rubber Man.
For the strongman, Bubble, while Paul's the India Rubber man who's going to get into as many positions and beds as he can.
Berkine "the india rubber man" Bolatov, 21, locked up after twisting his right leg up behind his neck.
And Palace had an India Rubber man in goalkeeper Digby, who stretched himself to glove a fizzing drive by Lee Hughes against his near post almost on half-time, then produced a sensation double-stop from sub James Quinn and winger Kevin Kilbane directly from the restart.
My chest is getting easier every day and the horses went well," said the India rubber man, who resumes with three hurdle rides at Sandown.