activities of daily living scale

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ac·tiv·i·ties of dai·ly liv·ing scale

assessment of more fundamental abilities for independent living (e.g., dressing, feeding, bathing, and toileting). Knowledge of basic functional abilities is necessary to help maintain the patient in a specific environment of care (e.g., patient's home).
See also: instrumental activities of daily living scale.
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Activities of Daily Living Scale

Any of a number of instruments used to assess physical functions of “daily living”—e.g., self-care, ambulation, food preparation, shopping, housekeeping, etc.
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ac·tiv·i·ties of dai·ly liv·ing scale

(ak-tiv'i-tēz dā'lē liv'ing skāl)
A measurement to score physical activity and its limitations, based on answers to simple questions about mobility, self-care, and grooming; widely used in health care professions (e.g., rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing).
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Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living ACTIVITIES INDEPENDENCE: Points (1 or 0) (1 POINT) NO supervision, direction or personal assistance BATHING (1 POINT) Bathes self completely or needs help in bathing only a single part of the body such as the back, genital area Points: -- or disabled extremity.

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