external audit

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ex·ter·nal au·dit

(eks-tĕr'năl aw'dit)
A verification of health care records by someone outside the organization to be sure that the health care facility is maintaining professional standards.
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For the first time, the New York Stock Exchange demanded independent audits of public company books.
In 2002, the diocese agreed to five independent audits, and prosecutors agreed not to seek criminal indictments against the church for failing to protect children.
Generally, they call for (1) mandatory independent audits based on organization size, (2) independent audit committees with financial expertise, (3) governing board review (including executive compensation review), (4) whistle-blower provisions and (5) certification of financial statements.
At least annually the audit committee must review the external auditor's report describing the company's internal control procedures, any issues arising from independent audits or regulatory investigations by governmental authorities and all relationships the audit firm has with the company.
No independent audits of the companies had been concluded, and several audits remain to be conducted.
Simultaneously, the Public Oversight Board's Panel on Audit Effectiveness was conducting its own review and evaluation of the way independent audits are conducted.
Review the scope and results of internal and independent audits performed (69%).
In May, after 18 months of study, a panel appointed by the Public Oversight Board to examine the effectiveness of independent audits released a draft statement of its findings.

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